Aquiles Delle Vigne, born in Argentine in 1946 from Italian parents, is recognized as one of the top piano professors in the world. Premier Grand Prix of the “Albert Williams Competition”, pupil of Claudio Arrau, Eduardo del Pueyo and György Cziffra, Delle Vigne served as Jury in the most important international piano competitions of the planet: five times in Sydney, Franz Liszt in Weimar, Monte-Carlo, Rome, Paris, Bremen, Cincinnati, Schubert Dortmund, Beijing, Casagrande, Pretoria, Osaka, Tokyo, Val Tidone, Bellini, and Los Angeles.

He was Distinguished Professor at the Codarts University for the Arts in Rotterdam and at the École Normale de Musique de Paris “Alfred Cortot”, Visiting Professor at the Northern College of Music in Manchester –following Vlado Perlemuter–, at the Normal University of Taipei, at the Summer Academy Mozarteum Salzburg for 25 years, and gave mastersclasses in more than 40 countries, above all at Moscow and Saint-Petersburg Conservatories, Manhattan School (invited by Solomon Mikowski) of New York, Juilliard School (invited by Oxana Yablonskaya), Toho University of Tokyo, Munich University.

He has his own Academy at the University of Coïmbra, in Portugal ( where more than 30 pianists of many countries follow his lessons. Delle Vigne’s scholarship produced more than 160 international prices in Piano Competitions. He also teaches at the Accademia del Ridotto, near Milan, in a team of professors with Andrzej Jasinski and Roberto Cappello.

Delle Vigne performed and recorded several integrals: the Beethoven’s 32 Piano Sonatas, the Liszt’s Etudes, the Messiaen’s Preludes, the Ravel’s works for piano and violin with Alberto Lysy, the Concerti by Mendelssohn, and, currently, he is recording the Années de Pèlerinage by Franz Liszt, for the labels EMI His Master voice, B.A.S.F., Naxos, Empire Master Sound, Pavane.

His first book The Innermost Journey of a Pianist has been published in English, Italian and Spanish. His second one, The Interpretative Problem, has been published in French and the English version will soon be released.

Delle Vigne performed with some of the most important conductors of the world like Yehudi Menuhin, Leopold Hager, André Vandernoot, Georges Octors,  Emile Simon, Edgar Donneux, Ferdinand Terby, Juan Carlos Zorzi, Eugene Castillo, Bogo Leskovitch, Jesus Medina, Edward Tchivzel, Henrique Morelenbaum, Flavio Scogna, and Claudio Santoro, with the National Orchestras of Belgium, Argentina, Mexico, Brasilia, R.A.I de Roma, Radio de Sofia, Camerata Menuhin, Skopje, National Bogota, Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Bern, in Europe, the three Americas, Asia, and Australia. He performed the Messiaen’s Preludes for the Pope with formidable compliments by the composer.

“Only a few pianists can go from a sparkling Mendelssohn to a thundering Liszt while passing an aristocratic, sophisticated and charming Ravel”, said Harold Schonberg from The New York Times. La Repubblica of Roma called him “A prince of the piano”. The PRS Rheinische Post defined him “A Grand Seigneur of the pianists”. Le SVZ of Salzburger Volkszeitung used the metaphor “From silence to a steel force”.

Delle Vigne performed more than 35 tournées in Japan, 15 in Australia, in the three Americas, the whole Europe, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Israel, Chine, Canada, Israel and Taiwan.

Aquiles Delle Vigne is based in Brussels with his wife Chantal Remy. Their children –doctors and engineers now– Laurence, Gabrielle and Guillaume also studied music.